Summit Transfers provides ski transfers to-from Geneva Airport to resort destinations in the French Alps.

GVA Transfers

Ski Transfers from Geneva Airport

Our GVA Transfers offer private, reliable and safe transportation to and from Geneva International Airport. The airport is also referred to in Europe as Genève Aéroport and often by its international airport code – GVA.

The vast majority of trips are ski transfers to-from Geneva Airport as we serve the many French resorts within the Portes du Soleil, Grand Massif and the Chamonix Valley.

Find a layout of the Geneva Airport below for your convenience. The image shows the pick-up and drop-off locations. Geneva Airport is a single runway airport with two terminals.

Geneva Airport – Genève Aéroport (GVA)

This airport layout map will help guide you with your GVA transfers.

Summit Transfers has provided safe, reliable and private transportation for families on holiday, sports enthusiasts and many others visiting this beautiful region for more than 10 years.

While much of our business is ski transfers from Geneva Airport, we also offer regional transfers between any locations within the Rhône-Alpes region, including Lyon.

Please contact us directly, or via our online form for a free no obligation quotation for your GVA transfers or regional trip.

Useful Information to Assist With Your GVA Transfers

GVA Website: Geneva Airport Website

GVA Arrivals

Check out the status of a flight that’s either arrived, or due to arrive today or tomorrow.

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GVA Departures

Check out the status of a flight that’s either departed, or due to depart today or tomorrow.

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Airlines Serving GVA

There are many airlines that operate frequent flights to and from Geneva airport. We have listed a few below together with links to their websites.

GVA Transfers | Helpful Airport Information

Upon arrival at Geneva International Airport, also known as Genève Aéroport, you can expect a smooth journey through the terminal. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the airport and make your GVA Transfers experience hassle-free.

  1. Exiting the Plane: Once the aircraft reaches the gate, follow the signs and instructions provided by the cabin crew. Prepare your travel documents, such as your passport, boarding pass, and any necessary visas, for the immigration process.
  2. Immigration and Customs: Proceed to the immigration area, where you’ll present your travel documents for verification. After clearing immigration, collect your baggage from the designated carousel. If you have nothing to declare, proceed through the green “Nothing to Declare” channel at customs. In case you have goods to declare, use the red “Goods to Declare” channel.
  3. Airport Layout: Geneva Airport has two terminals, T1 and T2. The terminals are connected, and walking between them is relatively easy. Most international flights arrive at T1, which is the main terminal.
  4. Facilities and Services: Geneva Airport offers a range of amenities to enhance your travel experience. These include currency exchange counters, ATMs, duty-free shops, restaurants, and cafes. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the terminal, allowing you to stay connected during your transit.
  5. Ground Transportation: If you need to reach Geneva city center or other destinations, several transportation options are available. The airport has a train station located directly beneath the terminal building, providing convenient access to various destinations. Additionally, taxis, buses, and car rental services are easily accessible from the terminal.
  6. Terminal Assistance: Should you require any assistance or have specific inquiries, friendly airport staff and information desks are located throughout the terminal. They can provide guidance regarding airport facilities, transportation, and other general information.

Remember to allow sufficient time for check-in, security checks, and any potential queues. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate Geneva International Airport and make the most of your travel experience. Safe travels!